LIBBE Loo Home Enema


Kit Includes:

1 - LIBBE Loo Seat Base Unit w/ connector nozzle and water inlet nozzle
1 - Two Quart Enema Bag, Hose and Hooks
6 - 3” Clear Flexible Tubing (Medical Grade)
6 - Disposable Enema Nozzles
6 - Water Soluble Lubricant Packets
1 - Plastic handle mop for cleanup
1 - Travel Carry Bag - Easily holds all above

We are currently out of stock - visit to find a professional therapist or to purchase a full size LIBBE device.


Note: Seat Base is built with an inline check valve to prevent any back flow into fluid container
(Enema bag or optional tank)

Colon Cleansing

Historically, artefacts and records validate that people have regularly purified their bodies, this includes cleansing the colon. Enemas have been prescribed regularly by doctors as a major way to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Enemas were used by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. Enemas were used
frequently before giving birth or before certain surgeries. Articles dealing with colon health frequently appear in prestigious medical and scientific journals until the early 1930’s.

Then modern man became technologically advanced with drugs and surgery. These seemed to offer relatively instant relief for symptoms and body ailments. Therefore resulting in purification and prevention techniques becoming less attractive. Recently there has been a popular resurgence of interest in using natural approaches for healing the body. Enemas and colonics have rapidly been regaining the respectability they had before due to alternative medical research testifying to their health benefits.

The word Loo comes from nautical terminology. Loo being an old-fashioned word for lee. Ships were not fitted with toilets but the crew would urinate over the leeward side. Even today, toilets on ships are called Loo!